Essay about A Research On Cognitive Science And Developmental Psychology

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“Research in cognitive science and developmental psychology reveals that human learning is very complex” (Rediehs). Knowing how a student is performing in school is a valuable asset for instructors, students, and teachers. In the United States we use grading to track the academic progression of students. Grades are important to education and serve many purposes. Grades motivate students, allow us to compare student performance across different institutions or organizations, and motivate students to succeed. Bernard Bull, a writer for Etale, claims that letter grades are effective in the short-term, but in the long term he argues that they can have negative effects such as; diminishing performance by extinguishing intrinsic motivation, crushing creativity in student’s work, and fostering short term memory and thinking. “Both parents and students usually want to know a student’s relative academic standing in school. However, parents are much more concerned that their children are happy, balanced, independent, fulfilled, productive, self-reliant, responsible, functioning, kind, thoughtful, loving, inquisitive, and confident” (Edwards). Grades serve the current education system by displaying how well a student is doing and how well they are mastering concepts. They are harmful and stressful, “few practices in education are as sacred and yet dele-terious as grading” (Edwards). The current grading system in the U.S. needs changed for the benefit of our society. Today’s youth…

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