Essay on A Research On Biomedical Research

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Biomedical research is an area of sciences aimed to improve people 's lives. Scientists in this field try to treat and cure diseases that can cause illness and death in people, as well as in animals. “Biomedical advancement really accelerated in 1945 when the President 's science advisor, Vannevar Bush, advocated for the creation of agencies such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Soon the United States was renowned around the world because of new advances in medicine. The new field gained supporters after the success of the polio vaccine and antibiotics (Hamilton 1)”. The only things keeping the newly emerging field above water was trust and faith that the product were greater than the resources sacrificed to the cause. After a while the faith started to fall as the production rate declined. This caused a spiral because when the scientist, and other professionals, working on new research lost supporters they lost funding and they then couldn 't complete the research which made other supporters rethink if it was worth it. Today the worth of biomedical research is still in question but the controversy is more on the ethics of the way the practice is implemented.
The augmenting pressure to publish papers for career advancement have made headway for ethics to be set aside for personal gain. “It is felt that awareness needs to be generated among scientific community: teachers, postgraduate, and graduate students and professional engaged in…

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