A Research On Aging Website Essay

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In addition, while there was a lot of important information presented on the American Society on Aging website, I thought “Students and Emerging Professional Group” would provide the most useful information if I choose to pursue a career in aging. This group is a formal network that serves to advance the educational and professional development opportunities for those in the early stages of a career in aging. This group would be useful because it would help me to develop my leadership skills, allow me to participate in a program where senior leaders would offer me guidance and advice on a career in aging, and allow me to engage with other emerging professionals, as well as career professionals. It is likely that the information I would learn from the groups’ blogs, service opportunities, and conferences, would assist me in being a successful professional in the field of aging. Next, I reviewed the National Institute on Aging website, a website whose goal is to provide research information and activities dedicated to understanding the nature of aging, supporting the health and well-being of older adults. In addition, the mission of the National institute on Aging is to discover what may contribute to a healthy old age, as well as to understand and address diseases and disabilities that are sometimes associated with the aging process. It is a research program that covers a wide-range of topics such as the bodily and cellular changes that occur with age, to the examination…

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