A Research Into The Effects And Countermeasures Of Fatigue Essay

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Research Problem
Pioneering research into the effects and countermeasures of fatigue is largely understudied according to Scott et al. (2010); the effects of extended work hours, time hours worked and the inverse relation to sleep and nursing errors has received little recognition. Furthermore, the problem of night shift fatigue is so prevalent the American Nurses Association (ANA), the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and the Joint Commission have called for fatigue countermeasures to be researched and implemented so nurses can provided the highest level of care to their patients. The necessity for fatigue countermeasures transcends healthcare according to Scott et al. (2010) where successful implementation of fatigue countermeasures is standard for nightshift workers in fields such as the trucking and aviation industry. Unfortunately the healthcare sector, specifically acute care hospitals, have gaps in research because fatigue countermeasures have not been fully investigated and implemented. The additional research provided from this research proposal will add value and validity that fatigue countermeasures can be successfully implemented as standard evidenced based practice. Exploration into fatigue countermeasures should excite all shareholders involved, including nursing management who will see an increase in nurse engagement and satisfaction, along with a decrease in medical errors (Scott et al., 2010). Nurses will also benefit from having the support of management…

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