A Research Experiment Done By Martin Sanjose, Juan Fernando Essay

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In a research experiment done by Martín-SanJosé, Juan-Fernando, et al., they wanted to find out if children were able to learn better through a game that involve user interaction rather than traditional classrooms. Background research was done and often showed that no significant difference was found between traditional learning and learning through a game. The tools they used were a white table, a projector, and a Kinect sensor. The table would be used for the projection, while the Kinect sensor monitored user interaction on the table. A game also had to be created to support this system. In this case, the game focused on historical ages including: Prehistory, Ancient Times, the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Period, and the Contemporary period. The children would play the role as a time traveler and then explore all the major events of that time period. They are then tested of their knowledge through several mini-games. The game only accepted input from one player, so when there were multiple children, pairs had to be formed and each pair had to take turns. Even though there are pairs, students were encouraged to talk to everyone around them to select the correct answer.
There were a total of 100 students that participated in this study, all between the ages eight and eleven years old. These students were split into two groups. Group A would take the learning the game and group B would learn through a traditional classroom. They would then swap after their test was done. To…

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