A Research Design Of This Program Is A Non Experimental Design

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The overall research design of this program was a non-experimental design. The study aimed to examine the effects that the Take a Stand program would have on accusations of bullying in schools. It sought to examine if Take a Stand caused students to be less likely to be accused of bullying after going through the program. There is no control/comparison group in this study and no random assignment either. Purposive sampling was conducted initially when choosing the 25 schools out of the total of 421 Chicago Public Schools. The 25 schools chosen to participate in the program were chosen because the neighborhoods they are located in have high crime rates and high gang activity. These neighborhoods and therefore schools were perceived as those that were most in need of a bullying prevention program. The 25 schools were chosen for a reason and therefore it was purposive sampling used to select them. For the 5 schools that were then chosen from the 25, no information is provided on how they were chosen to be in the preliminary evaluation of the Take a Stand program. Also, only 4th classes in those 5 chosen schools are being evaluated. There is no information explaining why 4th grade classes were chosen when the entire school, 1st to 8th grade, is receiving the program.
There are multiple sources of data used in the Take a Stand program evaluation. School disciplinary records that contained information regarding whether a student had been accused of bullying during the first month…

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