A Research Article On Logos Essay

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The logos, ethos and pathos of these genres is self-evident, granted the reader has the required conceptual knowledge necessary for understanding the lexis and text of said genres (Wadsworth guide to research p.183).

Research articles:The research article fulfills its logos appeal because of its well-structured and logical organization allows meaningful communication. Research articles, typically, tend to prove or disprove a hypothesis and finalize their results in the form of a conclusion; this aids the reader in discerning the end outcome with ease. It fulfils the ethos appeal by referencing literature review; also, the mere fact that the article is being published is indicative of its credibility. For a research article to be published, the methods have to be repeated and the results have to be reproduced to affirm the conclusion’s authority. A research article appeals to pathos via creating competition, hence, driving researchers to publish more and solve more of molecular medicine and genetic’s mysteries.

Research reports: The reports appeal to logos in a way similar as the research articles. A research report has sections for hypothesis, results, and discussion. It follows a step-wise process of premise and conclusion. Also, the structure of content organization is evidence for use of logos. It appeals to ethos because the report itself is verification of a finding, which was generated by an experiment done multiple times. The authority and credibility of a report…

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