A Request For Medical Evaluation Essay

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A “Request for Medical Evaluation” form will need to be filled out by the Clinician, signed by an Instructor, and faxed over to the attending physician to determine antibiotic to be administered, bleeding precautions, before any treatment may be rendered. (See Prophylactic Antibiotic Regimen before Dental Treatment, Table 1) Physician needs to address any health concerns of the patient and any interactions of drugs. (Little, page 362) Drugs that cause toxicity to the liver should be avoided, such as NSAIDS. Blood pressure needs to be monitored due to the patient’s current medication regimen.
If the Rule of Two’s and the patient’s physician indicates that treatment would be against the best interest of the patient, treatment will be postponed for a later time. If patient is cleared for treatment, an examination will show evidence of signs and symptoms of oral and medical complications due to the drug, Cyclosporine and the liver transplant. Cyclosporine can cause side effects that include anemia, kidney and liver complications that lead to hypertension, diabetes, increased time in healing, rise in the occurrences in infection, lymphoma, xerostomia with salivary glands, and gingival hyperplasia. (Little, DM 31) Other complications can arise when patients are overimmunosuppressed on medications including decrease ability to handle stress, candidiasis, herpes, Cytomegalovirus infection causing swollen glands, ulcers, alveolar bone loss, and oral cancers. (Little, 368)…

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