A Representation Of The Gender And Identity Essay

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Mulan presents a very accurate representation of the gender and identity issues that many women in today’s society endure. What many do not understand about gender is that “gender differences are a ‘socialized but relatively fixed identity, organized around biological sex.’” (Eisenberg) The very first song in the movie, “Honor to Us All,” displays the characteristics a woman should have, as fixed by society. More specifically, the song details the characteristics a woman should have in order to attain a husband, as if that is the only goal a woman should have, and this will honor her family. Mulan struggles to become an “instant bride” (Mulan) because she is not consumed with her appearance and becoming what it takes to be considered a “woman.” She writes notes on her forearm for the bridal examination because she must force herself to achieve the fixed identity of a woman. Along her transformation process, she passes by a game of checkers, which suits her interests more than finding a husband. She is quickly pulled away from the game because women should not be concerned with intellect, only their appearance. Mulan’s mother says, “Men want girls with good taste, calm, obedient, who work fast paced.” (Mulan) In order to be considered successful by most societies, women must be married to a successful man. In order to do this, women must do whatever appeals to men most, as show by this line in the song as well as the whole scene. Mulan is painted to look like a porcelain…

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