Essay on A Representation Of Changing And Conflicting Loyalty

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Loyalty can be very versatile, especially because it may depend on the situation, the people involved, and even the time. Does one pledge their allegiance to a flag that represents the country they have claimed as a home or does their allegiance lie with the people who share the blood running through their veins? Allegiance can lie with one’s children or with the person they married. The only way to place their allegiance is to evaluate all of the aspects involved and make a decision on their own. In Sophocles’ play, Antigone¸ there is a representation of changing and conflicting loyalty when death occurs. Sophocles’ characters have different allegiances in their heart as represented by their actions and words throughout the conflict of the play. Each character shows conflicting loyalties after the death of Polynieces and Antigone explores how important it is to have flexibility in the allegiance.
Conflicting loyalties, while represented throughout the play, are seen in the minor characters who go against their role to stay true to what they feel is right. Mother and son have opposite loyalties that conflict with what they are supposed to hold allegiance to. Eurydice’s and Haimon’s loyalties are seen when the decide to take their own life in favor of living for Creon. Their positions in Athenian time is seen within the play through Creon’s speech to his son in which he tells Haimon that he is his son and should listen to him and women are below them because they are men so…

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