Essay on A Report On Walmart 's Website

1361 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
The item that I am currently considering buying is a Samsung Curved- 4K Ultra HD LED Smart HDTV. I’ve chosen the four listed websites below to purchase this item because they are the most common electronic store. Therefore, I’ll be writing a report on each website answering the following questions: Are you more apt to purchase the item from one of those websites based on your findings? Was the website easy to navigate? Did the website have significant information about the product? Did warranties or shipping charges influence your decision?
Walmart- Walmart is one of the best online store for people in the general public today. Wal-Mart offers something that people want and love, and that is low prices. Therefore, I would purchase this Item at Walmart because the price for this TV is relative to the price listed on the other websites. Plus, when comparing prices with other sources, Walmart is usually at a lower price. Furthermore, another great benefit about the Walmart website is that the website is very easy to navigate. This allows the consumer to easily find information in regards to the Item being purchased. In addition, Walmart’s website has significant information about the product that I have chosen. As a result, helping me make an easy, comfortable, and secure decision. Moreover, Walmart offers free shipping and free store pick-up for this particular item. Free shipping influenced my decision greatly because shipping charges can be extremely costly. Moreover, I…

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