Essay A Report On The 's ' Orange Fur '

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Pamela Peavey was jolted awake by the sound of breaking glass. She clumsily rolled out of bed, as she always does, and shuffled across the room to the window of her studio apartment. As she surveyed the window and observed it was intact, she heard a loud, decisive “meow” coming from the kitchen. Atop the kitchen counter was Rutherford, staring smugly at her above a shattered Budweiser bottle. “Son of a bitch,” she whispered, noticing the irony in that statement. Pamela checked the clock on the stove, which she had not changed since before Daylight Savings began. “8 AM,” she grumbled, “you fuckin’ kidding me?”

Rutherford’s orange fur was matted and dirty on account of his obesity barring him from properly bathing himself. Pamela, despite being aware of this problem for Rutherford, failed to recognize the detriments her own obesity had to her hygiene. Grabbing the pack of cigarettes from the table, Pamela waddled to the door to let the cat outside. The morning sun greeted her harshly and it was at this moment Pamela noticed her slight hangover. Lighting a cigarette, she absently watched Rutherford paw at a Styrofoam takeout container, disrupting a swarm of flies. “Dumbass,” she chuckled to herself, counting it in his penance for the broken bottle on the floor.

Pamela looked down at her stained gray Hanes beefy T. When was the last time she changed? Was that barbecue sauce? Didn’t she have Arby’s on Tuesday night? Is it Friday? Oh shit, she thought, Friday the 3rd. Rent is…

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