A Report On The Walkerton Tragedy Essay

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The Walkerton tragedy is a testimony of undeniable operation negligence and government policy deficiency. Due to improper practices, over 2300 individuals became a victim of the lethal waterborne disease originating from E.coli contamination. After becoming informed of the tragedy and current water quality situation that Canada is in, 70% of Canadians are currently apprehensive about their water quality (XXX). In response to this catastrophic event, major changes and regulations were established concerning water quality all across the country. However, Canada has not yet implemented sufficient operations to ensure all Canadians have access to safe drinking water in addition to preventing similar future events.
Canada does not act in accordance with a national standard for the quality of drinking water. The composition regarding drinking water protection in Canada distinguishes a non-uniform water quality distribution across the country, denoting that are certain provinces/territories that acquire a higher standard of drinking water than others. This proves that there are inadequate endeavors across the country in terms of sufficient water quality. The standard of drinking water was developed in order to guarantee safety for the health of the community through the provision of high quality water and according to Table 2: from__), only 4 out of 13 provinces/territories which include, Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Quebec adhere to the charter for Canadian drinking water…

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