A Report On The Training Exercise Essay

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I trained the men, Stryker assigned, in use the infrasound weapons. It wasn 't difficult. It was just something we’d wanted to keep a secret. At some point the Captain was going to be informed about how easy the devices were to use.
During the training exercise, I saw three vehicles full of troops leave the compound. I thought that was particularly odd since we had just alerted all the undead in the area of our presence. Sending troops out was dangerous but Stryker must’ve had good reason to risk his men. Maybe they were going to do some type of parameter check.
At the conclusion of my session, I deployed a single infrasound rifle to the group assigned to firing the weapon in order to misdirect the masses we assumed would be headed our way.
The other two weapons, were in the van. The humvee we’d arrived in would 've made a better escape vehicle, but we wanted the van because it was equipped with the larger infrasound device and we didn 't want to leave it with Stryker and his men.
After dinner we informed the others of our plans to leave the base to warn the group at Gateway. Ned was wide-eyed that we were even considering leaving the compound but we explained that we had betrayed the trust of the other survivors and needed to warn them. I had a growing concern that he was going to run off and tell Kim. We would have to keep him close until we were ready to make a run for it. Amber and Scott decided to stay behind. Amber, because of concerns over the child grow…

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