A Report On The Street Downtown Of Edgewood Avenue And Avenue

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After Erosol opened in May 2014, the rugged, red-brick structure on the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Boulevard became a stomping ground for famous rappers and aspiring artists. Also known as “Department Store” because of its location in a 1900s variety store, the venue made its mark as one of Edgewood Avenue 's hottest nightlife spots, with lines out the door.

But those days might be over. On July 21, Erosol 's more than 20 employees were shocked to learn that the bar and venue had closed. The locks on the doors had been changed, a move that surprised staff, patrons, and apparently even the bar’s owner, Luis Carreras. Erosol LLC is now in bankruptcy court and a legal battle with its landlord. Its bank accounts and material assets have been frozen or seized by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, according to court documents. But Carreras says he has no plans to say farewell to Edgewood Avenue.

The company 's bankruptcy news came as a surprise to some staffers — as did the news that Crushpad Properties LLC, its landlord, was suing to force Erosol out of the two-story building. That lawsuit, filed on March 1, alleged Erosol refused to vacate when the lease expired at the end of February. Crushpad also claimed Erosol violated multiple terms of its lease agreement and was at that point overstaying its contractual welcome.

On April 28, a few hours before a trial was set to begin to address Crushpad’s case, Erosol filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, giving the company time to reorganize…

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