A Report On The Security Guard Essay

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A black armored Mercedes stopped at the driveway in front of the ambassadors’ main entrance. The security guard sitting next to the chauffeur jumped out and opened the back door as Yusuf Alfalaki got out of the car. The security guard entered the narrow revolving door first and Yusuf walked behind him. An old black woman raised her head while sitting at a small desk facing the main entrance as she was reading The Sun newspaper and looked at the two men in total silence.
The security guard said, “Good morning! His Excellency, Mr. Yusuf Alfalaki, ambassador of Cout has an appointment with the Prime Minister, Mr. Michael White.” The old woman turned to check visitors schedule in front of her and she pressed a button on the phone; she said in a low voice to the security guard, “second floor, you will find someone waiting for you.”
Yusuf stood there, since he learned the standard security procedures from previous visits, until the old woman came out of her office and gave him two tags with the word ‘visitor’ in red. Both of them wore the tags on their way to the elevator. Yusuf smiled as he imagined himself a dog having a name on a collar. “There is a hidden humiliation behind such security procedures,” he thought.
Yusuf smiled, again. “How could the Foreign Ministry and the Commonwealth leave the safety and security of such gorgeous, classical building in the hands of this senile, old woman!”
Yusuf knew that the safety of the building was the responsibility of the MI6 (Secret…

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