A Report On The ' S ' And ' The Dead Crab Catcher Anil Sankar '

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Hours after the decomposed body of Claxton Bay crab catcher Anil Sankar was found inside a latrine, his neighbour Troy James was gunned down outside his wake on Saturday night.
Mourners had to scamper for cover as it was the second time in a week that they heard gunshots ringing out in their Fifth Street Extension, Pranz Garden community.
Police said that James, 32, a plumber, was walking along the road when a gunman walked up behind him and fired several shots. The father of three ran but collapsed a few metres away away and died. Couva CID, including PC Bunsilal, PC Ramoutar and PC Balkissoon responded to the report but the suspect was long gone.
Investigators are trying to determined whether Sankar, 23 and James ' murder were related. However, Sankar 's mother Devika Sankar said James visited her son at their home on November 27, just before he went missing. She said she does not know Sankar and Anil to be any friends, saying that her son did not socialise much.
At her home yesterday, James ' common-law wife Judea John said both men were friends and they would do small jobs together and James would buy crab from Sankar. However, she believes his death was due to an ongoing war for squatting land. She said two men attacked James last year over his land. Earlier this year, she said the two men tried to run James over with a car, but struck someone else.
"We have the normal bacchanal in this area over people fighting for land. He was a fella who used to stand up for…

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