A Report On The Rescue Mission Essay

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The rusty white van careened around the corner, its wheels coming to a halt just inches away from the street curb. Peering through the dark tinted windows, we looked out at a dilapidated brick building that appeared to have been abandoned for years. The thin windows were cracked, looking like they couldn’t bear the winds of a minor rain storm. The walls crumbling onto the cement below from the many encounters with cars and frost wedging showed us that it wasn’t safe to live there. It beckoned our help. “This is going to be interesting,” mumbled our youth group leader Carol. A little circumspect, we opened the doors and stepped out onto the gravel road, the rocks emitting a dry crunch beneath our feet. We convened on the sidewalk and started moving toward the front entrance.
A bell chimed. An elderly woman rushed out from a room in the back and greeted us with an unconvincing smile on her face and wet, dirt-covered latex gloves plastered to her hands.
“Welcome to the Holland Rescue Mission. Our mission is to help every man, woman, and child that walks through our doors overcome homelessness for good. We offer biblically based programs and services to provide healin’ for transformin’ lives,” she said as if reciting from an advertisement. “Thank ya so much for comin’. Why don’t y’all head back to the kitchen and Donna will set ya up,” the women instructed. We moved through the eating area and stepped into the kitchen, the door swinging open to reveal piles of…

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