A Report On The Plane Essay

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3:45pm, one hour until boarding, we walk over to our gate, gate number 8 and wait with about fifty other individuals flying back to Burlington as well. Approximately twenty minutes passes and a plane docks at Gate 8 a message is played over the intercom “Now arriving Flight number…From Burlington, Vermont.” Oh this will be our plane then, so I watch out the window all of the various crews performing their various task to ensure that we can board in about forty-five minutes. A box truck labeled “Air Foods” approaches the plane and raises up to the door to load on our in-flight snacks. The luggage crew opens the cargo hold, and sends luggage down the belt onto a cart which will take luggage from the flight and place it on the carousel for pickup. Another luggage crew drives over with another cart and fills the plane up with our flights luggage. And the last crew was responsible for inspecting the aircraft inside and out, then fuel up the plane. Comically the individual responsible for connecting the fuel hose couldn’t get it to connect plane, I was hoping for his sake that it was his first day. After a minute of the hose not connecting it finally attached to the plane.
4:40 rolls around, a man approaches the podium in front of the door to the gangway and picks up his microphone. “Flight number 2534, with service to Burlington, Vermont. Is asking for individuals needing more time for boarding to board at this time.” About six or so elderly patrons and about two families with…

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