A Report On The Night By The Baron Armand De Valfort Essay

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One early, rainy afternoon of July, as I was reveling in the idle peace that my activities as a private detective in Paris, the city where nothing is private, would often provide, I heard three short knocks at the door. They had a sharp, but “dignified” sound that helped me detect in my visitor, a social status which delighted me- considering the lowly state of my present financial condition. I went, without delay, to open the door. In front of me, stood the Baron Armand de Valfort. It was, at least, the name that I read on the calling card he handed me with a prompt gesture which he did not intend to be aggressive, nor demeaning. He just seemed to be a person who was up-front about what he wanted, and his deportment reflected authority and confidence. Physically, he looked like what he was: a middle-aged man, and ‘middle’ could have been applied, in my opinion, to all aspects of his physiognomy, except-perhaps- his thin face, that I found ugly, but interesting. He had dark eyes that were moving in a very slightly uncoordinated way, sign of a strabismus that had been corrected long ago, as far, perhaps, as in his childhood. This small defect – by all means, often considered by esthetes a charming feature, was unfortunately magnified by the powerful lenses of the gold rim spectacles he was wearing, to a degree that made him project an unpleasant, if not sinister image. His hair was still black, well-groomed, and shiny. Thin lips surrounded his mouth, giving it a well…

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