A Report On The Letter Calls Essay

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On 4-5-2016 I Ptlm. Butram, responded as the school resource officer to Madison High School, for a suspicious circumstance compliant.

Upon arrival I spoke with Matthew Krause. Matthew stated his family member, David Lawson has been receiving text messages from an unknown person. Matthew stated the text messages stated they were going to run David over with a two ton black Chevy truck. Matthew was concerned this may happen as David was leaving school today.

I spoke with David next. David confirmed what Matthew stated about the text messages and also provided a number of (440)-361-0877. David stated he does not know this number at all. David stated he attempted to call the number to speak with the individual, but there was no answer. David stated the voice mailbox stated the name John on it. David stated he exchange text message with the phone number to try and find out who it was from.

Upon reviewing the text messages it is clear that David asks four separate times who is this. David also replied and asked if they had the right number. David received a text back stating “this David right”. The text messages state two separate times they were going to hit/run David over with a black Chevy truck. The text message also stated “ it’s not even a fight I am just going to slam you I don’t play fair”. David stated the text messages started at 11:10am and continued 11:41am, on 4-5-2016.

I attempted to make contact with phone number provide by David. I was unable to make…

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