A Report On The Hospital Administration Essay

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1. Who are the stakeholders? Please identify them by role or job within the organization, not by name. Can you identify any “champions” or people within your organization that you can convert to champions?
The key stakeholders that may be involve in the evidence based project are the hospital administration such as Chief Operating Officers (CEO), Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) and the Medical Director. The hospital administration is key to the project because hospital equipment is necessary to carry out the project. It is important that the implication of the evidence based project is explained and permission is granted by hospital administration so that the project can use the hospital owned equipment. In addition to the hospital administration, obstetric physician are stakeholder that are important in carrying out the project. Other stakeholders outside the immediate circle of those conducting the study would be those who provide funding for the research. Groups involved in complimentary, alternative, holistic, and integrative therapies would be approached to provide financial support to complete the study. A champion is someone who can overcome the barriers in implementing evidence-based practice (EBP). A champion for this project would be identified as a nurse practitioner or CNO. The CNO is the leader of the hospital and could help in enforcing and encouraging people and help get understanding from other on the implication and the purpose on decreasing morbidity and…

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