Essay on A Report On The Green Tea History

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According to a Chinese legend, the green tea history began in 2737 BC when a man known as Shien Non Shei started to brew a leaf in the water because he simply thought a leaf from the plant he found was tasty (Allard n.pag). Another record says that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung accidently found tea when a leaf from the plant fell into his cup while he was drinking a hot water (Allard n.pag). Many years later, European and Chinese immigrants introduced green tea to the United States (Allard n.pag). Once, tea was an expensive beverage in China; only wealthy people enjoyed tea as their privilege. After approximately 5000 years of history, green tea widespread all over the world and is consumed in all ages and countries.
However, many people who consume green tea do not know how exactly green tea works toward their health. Most people only have limited knowledge of green tea, which is fat burning function that helps to lose one’s weight. However, drinking green tea is not only helping maintaining healthy weight, but also it helps to prevent people from getting many major health problems. Due to rising rates of cancer, heart disease and obesity, these diseases are becoming major health concerns in the U.S.; green tea should be used for combatting these major health problems and also supporting a healthy weight.
According to the statistic revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO), Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.2 million deaths in 2012…

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