A Report On The Environmental Action Plan Essay

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Rational / Purpose: My environmental action plan will consist of containing a controlled non-toxic ecosystem around my home by using natural remedies that are safe for my family, pets, and plant life. My plan is to use non-toxic pest controls to ward off insects that do damage and spread disease. My plan will also consist of incorporating plants that encourage good insects that help my homes ecofriendly environment.
My plan will consist of the following points:
My goals are to educate myself, family, friends, neighbors, and classmates on how to utilize safe natural pest controls and to ensure a safe sustainable environment. There are a number of things to know to achieve these goals.
1. Applying nature pest control for household pests such as spiders, ants, flies, etc.
2. Attracting beneficial insects and use of non-toxic solutions to rid harmful insects that are within our environment.
3. Educate myself, family and friends to incorporate non-toxic natural remedies instead of harmful solutions that cause not only damage to insects, but humans, pets, and plants within our own environments.

Action Steps Search in internet and read books on natural and cost effective ways to detour and eliminate pests. The main reason is to ensure myself, family; friends and pets aren’t affected by harmful toxins in my environment. Step 1: Make Sure Your House Is Clean and Dry.
Many insects and rodents are attracted to food and water, so start off by making your home…

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