Essay A Report On The Emergency Department

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The emergency department is one of the busiest places in a healthcare facility. Every year, the number of patients visiting the emergency department have been increasing creating overcrowding. Some of the patients who came to the ED had minor issues while others were time sensitive and urgent. The article “Innovations to reduce demand and crowding in emergency care; a review study” analyzed several approaches taken to reduce overcrowding in the UK and their outcomes. In this paper, I will be summarizing the approaches used in “decrease ED use, improving resources for managing the higher ED demand, improving flow into and out of the hospital to accommodate newly arriving and admitted ED patients, and elderly emergency care” (Mason, S., Mountain, G., Turner, J., Arain, M., Revue, E., & Weber, E. J., 2014, p. 2). First, the National Health Service (NHS) of England did a pilot test to reduce ED overcrowding by creating an NHS direct where nurses give advice over the phone, on how to self-treat or an alternative place to get treatment, and having the emergency care in the home. Later, NHS 111 with an emergency and urgent request line replaced the NHS direct service. The nurse telephone service and NHS111 did not reduce the overcrowding in the ED. Second, since the national renegotiation of the General Practitioner (GP) contractor has allowed the general practitioner to be off duty during holidays, weekends and nights; it has created a gap. Alternative cares, like walk-in…

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