A Report On The Day Essay

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Famil Report

Waking up at 5.30 in the morning probably wouldn’t be an ideal of mine, but since it was a requirement to make it on time to check-in on the Bluebridge ferry I made an exception. Having travelled on the BlueBridge ferry once before when I was younger I already knew that the services on-board would meet every single one of my requirements, especially a hot cup of coffee to get me started for the days ahead. I must admit, before and after the movie that was on the large screen was on display, I couldn’t help but take many photos of the beautiful scenery we got the opportunity to pass by. They had many facilities onboard including the bathrooms, comfortable seating practically everywhere, it was wheelchair accessible for those who need it and had elevators, which yes I did use because the stairs looked dreadful to walk up.

After the long ferry ride we finally arrived on land in Picton to meet up with one of our coach drivers for day one of our famil. We first visited the I-site in Picton which is one of the most outstanding visitor centers that I’ve been too. They had souvenirs all arranged on one side of their building offering t-shirts and little nick nacks and collectables. They had all the brochures organized on the walls with many artworks of famous attractions of New Zealand on the walls as well, making the I-site look really professional and attractive. I liked this the most and I liked how the staff were well knowledgeable with the local area.

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