Essay A Report On The Bulletin Board

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This bulletin board is located in the Science Wing (SW) building, just before the steps leading to the meeting place. The location of this board is key because it is staged in an area where many students pass daily. It is also located right next to a microwave (see image above) and I believe that this is what sets this bulletin board apart from the others. The microwave is a necessity that many students attending UTSC utilize at all hours of the day; therefore, placing the microwave in front of this board will encourage more daily views – not only because the content is important or interesting, but mostly because many students will feel the need to read the board to pass the time while their food is heating up. The content of the bulletin board is concerning student loans (OSAP), however, the board is inaccurately labelled as “Scholarships”. Why is this so? Was this done accidently or on purpose? If it was done on purpose, then what was the reasoning behind it? Could it be that the person responsible for this bulletin board realized that many students would be more inclined to reading the contents of the board if they assumed that it was about scholarships accessible to them? Scholarships and loans are an important aspect of a university student’s experiences. UTSC is a post-secondary institution that offers many opportunities for students to obtain the necessary financial aid that they may require. This bulletin board is a reflection of the burden that many students feel…

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