Essay about A Report On The Auto Repair Shop

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On Tuesday, 03/22/2016, at approximately 16:56 hours, I, Deputy Stacy Stark #1815 was dispatched to the Murphysboro Police Department lobby to speak to a victim reporting a battery.

I arrived on scene at 16:58 hours. I met with the victim, Janie L. Brown (F/W, DOB: 02/03/1975). Janie stated she wanted to report that she was battered by her husband, Joseph D. Brown (M/B, DOB: 08/10/1961) yesterday evening. Janie said the incident occurred at the parking lot of the All Hours Auto Repair located at the end of Ruth Ln., Murphysboro, IL on Monday, 03/21/2016. Later, I learned the address to the auto repair shop was 141 Ruth Ln. Murphysboro, IL. Janie stated she and Joseph had been verbally arguing off and on all day. At approximately 19:00 hours, Janie drove Joseph to the auto repair shop. In the parking lot, sitting in their vehicle, Janie and Joseph were verbally arguing. The argument was about Joseph having an affair. Janie was in the driver seat and Joseph was in the front passenger seat. Janie said she picked up a piece of licorice and “flicked” it at Joseph. Janie stated it did not make contact with Joseph. Joseph reacted by striking Janie in the right eye with a closed fist causing injury. Janie stated she thought she “blacked out”, but may have been disoriented after Joseph punched her. Joseph exited the vehicle. Janie threw Joseph’s cell phone out the window and drove away, leaving Joseph in the parking lot of the auto repair shop. Janie did not…

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