A Report On The Aspen Heights Elementary School Essay

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Build on Staff Buy in
No matter how old you are, change can be stressful. Adjusting to new ideas often begins with resistance and before confidence in its worthiness is achieved, there is often anxiety and frustration. But in the end, change is growth.
Aspen Heights Elementary School is located in Red Deer, Alberta, a town found halfway between the cities Edmonton and Calgary, right in the middle of Canada 's oil country. The school is located in a low income area and many of the children are from single parent households. Many teachers at Aspen Heights, such as Milt Williams, Allan Baile, Deb Shelton, and Melisa McIntosh, found that keeping the kids motivated and engaged was an ongoing challenge. They 're all great kids, but they lacked focus in their classwork and home assignments. The children of Aspen Heights needed direction and inspiration to help them seek out new learning experiences.
This is where Microsociety came in. The teachers had read about Microsociety and the great changes other schools had seen in their educational environment. The four named themselves the Micro Committee and began setting the stage for change at Aspen Heights.
The Microsociety began a grassroots campaign to convince the other teachers at Aspen Heights about the potential benefits of the Microsociety system. Soon the classrooms were abuzz with ideas and plans for a Microsociety in Aspen Heights Elementary School. The teachers agreed that implementing Microsociety could help them…

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