Essay about A Report On Tesla And Google

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Within the next two years, Tesla and Google will each be releasing their own autonomic automobiles to consumers. They are designed to allow people to travel without the necessity to maneuver a vehicle. This form of transportation will be accessible for the youth and the elderly. There will no longer be a need for designated drivers, a concern for texting while driving, or the stress of other reckless drivers and road rage. Commuting between places can be a time to catch up on some rest with these new vehicles. Despite these benefits, autonomic vehicles still pose a threat because Autonomic automobiles should be illegal on the road due to not everyone being able to obtain one, hackers controlling a citizen’s source of transportation, and the risks of trusting one’s life in the hands of robots.
In 2011 there were 5.3 million automobile crashes in the United States and Americans spend more than $230 billion dollars to cover the cost of these accidents. The National Safety Council announced that about 2.6 million crashes per year are due to distracted driving that results from texting and driving. Self-driving cars are immune to texting while driving, human errors, eating and driving, doing makeup while steering. This new system is also not impaired by being under the influences of drugs or alcohol.
What is an autonomic automobile? An autonomic automobile shares the same features as the 253 million other vehicles in the United States, except for its unique autopilot…

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