A Report On Target, Hacked By Hackers Essay

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Target was hacked by hackers during the months of November and December of 2013. Attackers compromised very sensitive personal and financial (account, credit card and debit card) information of more than 100 million of Target’s customers by gaining access to the Intranet of Target. According to several different sources on the internet this data breach has costed Target close to 250 to 300 million dollars to fix in terms of law suites, settlements infrastructure upgrades etc.,. The compromised information was then deleted from Target 's servers and transferred to servers located somewhere in the Eastern Europe. Below are the brief chain of events that led to the data breach.
> A third party vendor which is an HVAC company based in Pennsylvania, was given access to Target 's systems. The systems of this third party vendor became the first point of entry for attackers to gain access to Target 's systems as the HVAC company was not following the common and generic information security standards and policies like not using default password etc., making it easier for hackers to compromise it 's network and gain access to Target 's network and it 's Systems/servers.
> However, the third party vendor was not be blamed completely for this breach as Target should have designed their network to prevent such attacks from happening by using different solutions like Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems, sophisticated Firewall etc., which Target did have in place,…

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