A Report On Stress Report Essay

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Stress Report One day, officer Jim Harris and his trainee were called to a bar disturbance. When the two got there, they went inside with the owner. Once inside, Harris turned to check on his trainee, giving the bar owner time to move behind his desk and start drawing a handgun from one of the drawers. When Harris recalled the moment when he saw the gun, he remembered feeling as though that gun was posing a threat to not only him, but everyone else in the bar as well. He quickly sought cover and did what he thought was necessary--he fired. The bar owner immediately raised his hands to his head and dropped the gun. He staggered over to Harris and said, “I wasn’t going to shoot you.” Then he collapsed to the ground and died. Harris remembered seeing the bullet hit the man, the growing blood stain on the man’s shirt, and, most of all, how he had just shot a man who claimed to have no intent to harm him. The stress of this event made Harris’s life miserable, but there were many resources available to him for helping him cope with the stress. For example, he had all the other officers in the department to talk to, as well friends outside law enforcement. He also had his wife who wanted to support him and help him deal with the pressure. She offered physical condolences and tried to get him to talk about what he was feeling. The department psychologist was available to him as well. But, as is true with all stress, there were negative resources available too.…

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