A Report On Online Retailer Essay

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One major online retailer has over a hundred different links supposedly enabling web visitors to find the retailer 's products quicker. Unfortunately, in addition to those first seen links, there are about another two hundred sub pages that lead to other sections of the site.

In essence, this online retailer has created a never-ending mega-maze for its first time visitors. Ending in frustration, only the most loyal customers who have taken the trouble to familiarize themselves with the site 's distribution come back for more of this digital nightmare experience. Don 't let this happen to your site.

Evidently the web developers for this site haven 't learn the fine and crucial art of website navigation. Unless something is done quickly in the over all design of the site, customers will go elsewhere for a more pleasant surfing experience.

According to web design industry figures, 39 percent of web visitors won 't come back for return visits if they can 't get in and out of a site quickly enough. Moreover, 75 percent of the visitors insist on having a nav menu of some sort to orient themselves.

Keeping It Simple Through A Nav Bar

Whether it 's a nav bar stretched across the top of the page or a nav section down the traditional left hand of a page, a nav bar is needed on your site to indicate the major categories of content, and sub-categories of content that your site has. Ideally, your well designed site should reflect at least several major categories with two, three…

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