Essay on A Report On New Legislation

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I am writing to you from the Department of Agriculture to give you a report on new legislation that the Department thinks is important. The Department of Agriculture deals with policy on farming, agriculture, food, and forestry( In this department we take great pride in conservationism and helping the environment. That is why we are proposing new legislation that will lower the amount of nitrogen farmers emit into the earth’s atmosphere( We want to limit the amount of pesticides and nitrogen farmers can use, and replace these methods with crop rotation. We are focusing on this, because when nitrogen is emitted into the atmosphere, it is considered a leading factor in climate change(EPA). Having farmers begin to use crop rotation as a method of farming fits in with the missions and goals of the Department of Agriculture. We seek to find the most efficient ways of farming, while also help conservation and the environment. This is why we are putting such a large focus on reaching the best possible solutions for both. Crop rotation allows for sustainable agricultural practices, while also helping eliminate the future environmental issues such as climate change(Union of Concerned Scientists). The Department of Agriculture is best fit to run this program and continue to develop policies related to this field. The Department of Agriculture are experts at farming methods, and we have done countless research to support that we are suited for this policy. We…

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