A Report On Malik Urwango 's Life On The Hot Summer Sun Without Pay

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Malik Urwango had recently been bought for a whopping 950 dollars from a slave master and sold to a rich white Colonel whose name he knew not. This was Urwango 's third time being bought because he was a strong, smart man and many slave masters wanted his talents. Urwango life could be summarized as being held and worked against his will and for nothing, he had lost his spouses, parents, and children to the traffic in slavery. When Urwango first arrived to the plantation, he was immediately forced into hard crop-picking labor. The crops that were picked consisted of tobacco, corn, and wheat. Urwango, at age nineteen, noticed that he was not the youngest slave picking crops, rather there were crop-picking slaves who were a mere ten years old. Urwango would work fourteen hours during the summer and ten hours in the field doing agricultural work, Urwango hated it. Urwango was stuck in this lifestyle, working in the hot summer sun without pay. Urwango would be exasperated both mentally and physically after working in the field. While working in the field, Urwango would always do his work the quickest and precisest so he would not be beaten, others not possessing Urwango 's God-given stature and abilities were unlucky. Urwango would see the Colonel and his other helpers brand, chain, maim, castrate, muzzle, and most of all, whip the slaves. Urango would be mad when he would have to remain cheerful and submissive at all times and not appear to be thinking for themselves or to…

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