Essay about A Report On Hybrid Vehicles

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I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Mahua Biswas (ENVS) to provide me with this opportunity to explore the topic of


For years, new technology has been, and is continuing to emerge in the society. One aspect that has been affected tremendously by it is our own environment. There are several different inventions created in order to help to protect our planet, and to make people more efficient with the use of energy. One such major invention is the HYBRID VEHICLE.
Though hybrid vehicles are a known technology, not many know what it is exactly about. They are fuel efficient as they keep the air free of pollution by reducing carbon footprints. If alternative ways of transportation are not developed in the near future it can lead to devastating impacts on the ecosystem. However, the development of hybrid vehicles is growing in importance. The society now has started to feel the economic tension as there is no hint of lowering of the gasoline prices anytime soon. Along with decreasing emissions, hybrid vehicles can also decrease the dependency on foreign oil.

What is a hybrid car?
A Hybrid Vehicle, also known as Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) is a vehicle that uses both an electric motor with a battery; and a petrol or diesel internal combustion engine with a fuel tank for propulsion. Hence, it is a mixture or rather a hybrid of a conventional as well as electric vehicle. With the technology usage for making a…

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