Essay A Report On Green Consumption

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This article is about how the companies feel really hard to change their customer behavior to green consumption. Some examples of green consumption currently promoted by them are to recycle products or packages, to drive more slowly, or to wash clothes in cold water. However, many people still use hot water even though the detergents are already developed to wash clothes in cold water. Also, some people are still unwilling to sort their waste and recycle them.
As a company itself, they have already committed to run their factories by using renewable energy or raw materials from the sustainable operated forests and farms. However, it depends on the consumers to change their way to use the products. Sally Uren, head of Forum for the Future, said that it is much easier to make a consumer switching their purchase behavior from a less sustainable product to a more sustainable product than to influence he/she about how to use the products.
Irit Tamir, a senior advocacy adviser at campaign group Oxfam, said the one that should encourage green consumption behaviors like recycling is the government. Thus, the businesses have no reason to not reducing their own emissions and those of their suppliers because they put too much focus on changing their consumer behavior. Moreover, Eric Whan from GlobeScan said that consumers need more support from their peers as well to change their behavior.
In my opinion, green consumption relates to consumers’ attitude. Attitude means person’s lasting…

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