A Report On Global Warming Essay

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Global Warming Paper
Say goodbye to the 70 degree weather that has brought smiles to the faces of its residents. In Cleveland, Ohio, record highs in this month of November were due to unseasonable temperatures. Could this be caused by global warming?
Meteorologists forecast low pressure of colder air from the North is forcing the current high pressure of warm air out, dropping temperatures into the high 40’s which is normal this time of the year in Cleveland, Ohio. Winter storm watches and winter storm warnings are a part of Cleveland’s seasonal change. We have a saying in Cleveland, “if you do not like the weather now, just wait five minutes it is subject to change”. Spring, summer, fall and winter in Cleveland, Ohio provide meteorologists with plenty of opportunity to exercise their knowledge and skill set in forecasting the weather.
The past week in class has been very informative for learning about air pressures, cloud formations, tornadoes, hurricanes, barometric pressures, dew points, El Nino and global warming. After viewing the video clip from answeringgenesis.org, I jotted down some points of interest presented in the video. Global warming is simple defined as the earth’s temperature has risen.
My first point of interest was that scientists agree the earth’s temperature has risen but that is where the agreement ends. The disagreement is on why it is rising? The best answer is they do not know for certain why it is rising. My second point of interest is…

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