A Report On Early Financial Planning Essay

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Hi Cici,

It was a pleasure meeting with you this morning! We enjoyed learning more about your situation and your goals. We hope you found the meeting beneficial as well. I apologize in advance for the length of this email but I wanted to make sure I covered our key discussion points as well as get you some information on our firm and our practices for your records. Our typical emails won’t be this long!

For starters, you have a fairly clean slate. As we mentioned, early financial planning is not the most exciting process, but building a strong foundation is truly what sets you up for long term financial success. After our talk, we believe that you are in a great starting position for us to help you develop a cohesive plan for you to have the opportunity to leave medicine in 20 years or less from entering into practice. There were a series of things we discussed that I wanted to get to you as a follow up and a “to-do” list. Below are the bullet points for the key issues we discussed:

• We think it is important to state that the primary goal of fellowship is simply to survive! The foundation of a strong financial plan consists of three items; emergency reserves, debt management and risk management. No one of these three are more important that the others. Great news in your particular situation is that you are in a place where you can begin to make great progress going forward!
• When it comes to building your emergency reserves, we would ideally like to see you…

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