A Report On Child Abuse Essay

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The child was huddled in the corner trying to breathe silently so that her father did not find her and beat her up even more. A report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. On an average day between four and seven children lose their lives because of negligence and child abuse. Children are helpless no matter what age because their parents are bigger and stronger than them. They pick on their weak little children because they have anger issues, or they were abused themselves as a child.To solve the problem,people that see any signs of abuse could report it immediately. The signs how the child acts and reporting it are key things to help.
The parent or parental guardian was abused as a child and feels like he has no choice but to do what was done to him or her. Anger or impulse control issue causing the littlest thing to set a parent off on a rampage is one of the number one leading causes of abuse. The abuser 's substance abuse: at least half of all child abuse cases involve some degree of substance abuse like alcohol and drugs by the child 's abuser whether that may their parent’s or their legal guardians.Severe stress has symptoms like low energy, mood swings, and insomnia. All of those symptoms combined with or without alcohol can be very bad and dangerous for anyone, especially a young child.
Some signs that your child or someone you may know might be getting abused. After a long time of being abused, the child might become depressed. They might always be…

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