A Report On Capital Financial Management Essay

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This report is all about Capital One Financial, its history, why it is a great place to work in, why it made the Forbes list, current status, work environment. The main purpose of this report is let people know more about this company and just in case they would be interested in it in the future. As an accounting major, I choose this company because it is related to accounting since it is a bank and it deals with number.
Company Overview Capital One Financial Corporation is a financial service that is made in America. It is an America bank which focuses on loans, credit card, banks and saving products. It is a diversified bank that provides financial products and services to its customers. It is operated in the US, UK and Canada. The company’s headquarter is in McLean, Virginia and its employees is totaled to be 45,400 people.
Capital One Financial Corporation is best known for its advertising of their credit card. It was formed in 1988 after the Signet Banking Corporation created a new credit card unit and renamed in COF in 1995 and was led by Richard Fairbank. The company then started doing business In the United Kingdom and Canada by 1995. By 1996, the company got a US auto lending operation and enters into the internet market later than other banks by 1999. In 2000, COF was added into the Fortune 500 list. And since then, COF became of one America’s most recognized brands and one of the nation’s top 10 largest banks. Capital One has branch locations in Texas,…

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