A Report On Business Students Essay

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Business Students,

Just as a helpful reminder of what you are supposed to be doing this week, I will outline what should be in your report.

1. BEFORE YOU START TYPING GO TO PURDUE OWL AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DOCUMENT SET UP CORRECTLY!! There will be 100 points assigned to the format of the report alone!
2. When you are typing your report DO NOT use personal pronouns! No I, me, we, myself, us, them, and so on. This report should not be personal in any way.
3. Based on MLA format, you should have in-line citations for all your sources. I gave you three sources (the blue links) but you should have at least three or more sources you used above that. So in total you should have a minimum of six citations – but in order to get the maximum grade you should have done more research then the minimum. Use research to back up your interpretation of the problem and/or your solution to the problem. Give examples of other manufacturing companies that struggled with the same issues and how they handled the situation. What was their outcome? Were they successful?
4. You are required to use your choice of tables, graphs, or charts to explain your point graphically. I suggest that you look at the table that was given to you and you take each line of data and convert that into a graph (use Excel to make your graphs). Make sure you insert the graph within the text that is talking about that issue. Don’t forget in MLA you are required to title your chart as figure 1, 2, and so…

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