A Report On Bacterial Urinary Infection Essay

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1) Figure 1 shows the test results that was entered in to the Api system to give possible causes of a bacterial urinary infection. Three microorganisms where listed, Escherichia coli 1, Serratia odorifera and Klebsiella oxytoca but gave an unacceptable profile due to in all three cases failing to get negative result in the TDA test with detects the use of tryptophan deaminase activity and the NO₂ test, turning nitrates in to nitriles. E.coli is one of the most common causes of an urinary infection (Olson, Justice, & Hunstad, 2015). While both S.odorifera and K.oxytoca are both rarer causes of urinary infections (Powell & Marcon, 2012; Tsakris et al., 2011) resulting in all being possible causes. Results from table 4, state that the isolated bacteria were gram negative, oxidase negative and a bacillus which are all pathogenic to humans, which matches the profiles of each of the three already listened bacteria (Golemi-Kotra, 2008) which in turn means these organisms will grow on the MacConkey agar due to not being inhibited by bile salts like gram positive bacteria. This agar also tests for the fermentation of lactose which all the organisms are capable of metabolizing. One Organism which was eliminated was K.oxytoca due to its appearance on MacConkey being round and smooth when in fact the colonies are undulate in shape (Klebsiella oxytoca on MacConkey Agar., 2013). Due to the profile of this test and the due the close relationship between all three organisms due to them…

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