Essay on A Report On Auto Transportation

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Saturday, January 25, 2014, a date which immeasurably affected many individuals. On this day, the North Iowa area was appalled to discover that nineteen-year-old Tiffany Banta and her younger sister, fifteen-year-old Chyann Banta, were involved in a devastating accident on County Road B-14.
They were travelling east towards Forest City in Tiffany’s Pontiac Grand Am when Tiffany lost complete control and crossed over the center line onto the alternative lane. Her vehicle violently collided with another car venturing the opposing direction, and there was nothing that she could do to avoid the westbound automobile. The two sisters were immediately pronounced dead at the site of the accident (Krug). Although there is nothing anyone can do now to adjust mistakes of the past, Tiffany and Chyann could have taken extra preventative measures in order to evade their fates.
Auto transportation is one of the best and most accessible resources, but it can also be one of the deadliest. Car crashes are classified amongst the leading causes of death not only in Iowa but throughout the entire United States (AAA; Traffic Safety Culture Index). Most people ought to better understand the negative results of traffic danger and be able to comprehend its consequences. Additionally, there desperately needs to be more transportation precautions taken to save valued lives across the country.
Initially, many Americans regard traffic safety as a critical issue that warrants…

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