A Report On Apple 's Website Essay

710 Words Sep 19th, 2016 3 Pages
No website is made instantly available for the people to use, it takes months to debug and finalize it. Larger companies such as Apple must test their websites extensively to ensure that their website is user-friendly and offers easy navigation throughout the site. Apple, one of the largest technology companies, must provide a site that is attractive and eye-catching. Does Apple’s website prove to be an organized and well created website compared to its’ competitors, such as Samsung?
Many components must be laid out before building a website for the use of many people. One of the main components is the navigation and the visuals of the site. Apple is in direct competition with many other tech companies, such as Samsung. Apple’s website can be reached at www.apple.com, which is easy for the consumer to remember. When we first open up the site, we see a dark colored navigation bar with products that Apple offers, very neatly organized. This means I can see the products on the main page and instantly select what I want. On the bottom is a slideshow representing Apple’s newly launched products in which the pictures are clickable. Apple’s visuals are very pleasing to the eye because of their use of color combinations and how Apple portrays nature into its pictures is beautiful. Comparing Apple’s visuals and ease of navigation throughout the website, I am going to examine these components on Samsung’s website. Samsung, however, is a manufacturer of a variety of things, that range…

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