A Report On Airline Pilot Essay

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Airline Pilot
Have you ever wondered what it 's like to have your office 30,000 feet above the ground?Aviation is a career for those interested in working with computers and the airplane.whether working on the ground preparing for a flight or in the air transporting people to their destinations pilots are always busy traveling around the world. Pilot don 't only transport people around the world,but also cargo. Although being an Airline pilot is a thrilling career it takes many years of learning, experience, and licensing all in which factor into a wide variety of different work atmospheres.
An airline pilot has many work duties both in the air and on the ground.A pilot 's job is to safely fly an airliner, but pilots do much more than just fly. “ A typical day may start with the pilot using computer skills to check weather and flight plans. The plane must be pre-flighted and all aircraft logs reviewed” (“What is the job description of an airline pilot”). With a median salary of $123,400 according to (“Average commercial airline pilots salary”) pilots put in much more work than they are paid for. Casey states “ In a given month the average line of flying is typically going to be 75 hours of flying, this will equate to 150 hours duty and 300 hours away from home for the month”. In making this comment, casey explains how much time you are away from home and not being paid. A large amount of the other 150 hours of “off duty” time you are updating charts, checking weather,…

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