A Report On A Car Ride Essay

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On a spring evening of 2010 my parents had decided to take my brother, sister, and I with them to the residence of their friends, entailing that we will have a bonfire and we will hang out and have fun for the evening. It had seemed strange that it was such a positive advertisement as no less than a half an hour ago they were scurrying to find us a babysitter. Reluctantly we agree and we enter the car and commence a car-ride.
We arrived at the end of a wooden enclosure to be subject to a house that smelt of liquor and unwashed laundry, surrounded by a lawn battered in cigarette butts and clutter. The house owners consisted of a husband and wife, the husband’s presence was one of poor hygiene and who stood crooked, while the woman was very kind but had this eerie twitch. We would be then introduced to the bedroom of their daughter, and at a desk sat a girl who at most was seventeen in age and had a warm smile with gleaming eyes, we were then told by her parents that she suffered from cerebral palsy. The girl never appeared phased by her limitations and really intrigued me as I’ve never had such an opportunity to converse with someone who had a disorder like cerebral palsy. The girl stood on forearm crutches and led my siblings and I out of the house, she would then bring us to the fire pit and instructed us to help her kindle the fire, and after following her orders, we built and ignited a fire.
Eventually our parents would exit the house, all four with alcohol in their hand,…

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