Essay about A Report On A Business

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Scenario 1# Entering/Updating Leads
Example 1: A business in Japan replies to a LinkedIn InMail, they say that they are actively searching for English learning solutions. They have 500 people interested and 50 of those people have been identified as high potential employees. The company also wants to be able to assess the skill level that their employees have. This is an example of a lead that should be entered into Sales force and converted to an opportunity.
Example 2: Say a day later the same company messages you again, but this time they need 1000 licenses instead of 500 and would like to know if they can get a better price. Sales force should be updated to reflect the new total number of licenses that the company needs and any potential volume discounts resulting from the increasing population size.
Example 3: After a meeting for the first time with a Brazilian telecommunications company the HR Vice President identifies 50 high potential employees that need to communicate more effectively outside of Brazil. You would then update the account in Sales Force as a new opportunity and include date that the company wants this to happen and how many people will be involved. In addition you have asked them probing questions about their budget and the criticality of this initiative to their business.
Example 4: An Indian based company responds to an email saying that it isn’t currently actively exploring a new English learning solution. The company has identified that English…

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