A Religion As A Factor Essay

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II. Literature Review
A. Religion as a factor
Terrorist organizations are linked to religion, such as ISIS practicing radical Islam rituals. Many Terrorist organizations have claimed to attack in the name of Islam, such as Charlie Hebdo, because the newspaper initially insulted the Prophet Mohammad. There are studies shown that evaluate the acts of terrorist groups such as Al- Qaeda, ISIL, and ISIS, linking them with the religion and explaining that the reason these participants are accordingly involved and committed to their cause is due to the promised afterlife that is guaranteed to them for fighting in the name of Islam. (Khan 2008; Ranstorp 1996).
Religion does not play a major factor as to why many root fighters participate in these terrorist groups. However, in recent findings show that “religious guidance” is important to analyze and examine throughout young Muslims in Europe. The local religious guidance may be a cause of origin for radical religious and political views (Berger 2016). Berger insists pressure has to be instated on investigating and drawing attention to the local impacts these young individuals have access to.
Religion is just one of the numerous elements leading to the problem of extremism and radicalization in Europe. Religion is being used as weapon and defense mechanism for terrorists’ groups (Lequesne 2016). Though, in my research, I hope to find another factor that contributes to the willingness of participating in terrorists’…

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