A Relationship With Someone Is A Friendship Or A Romantic Relationship

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When forming a relationship with someone, it could be a friendship or a romantic relationship, one of the more difficult things to do is to fully open up to that person. Usually, it takes one of the partners longer to open up than it does the other partner. This can be caused by many things. This person could have been betrayed the last time they opened up, or maybe they have had awful things happen to them in their life and it is a very personal thing to discuss with other people. I picked this topic because I struggled with completely opening up to Jacob when we were at the beginning of our relationship. I had never been in a serious relationship before Jacob. I had been in three, each lasting no more than two months, and there was more than a year between each. But going into each relationship, I had hopes of it lasting for a long time. My first relationship was when I was fifteen and a freshman in high school. I ended it because it was just an awkward freshman relationship. Nothing bad happened between us, and we decided to remain friends. My second relationship was when I was seventeen and a junior in high school. This was the first time I really, truly liked someone. It lasted two months and ended by him telling me that he cheated on me. It was my first heartbreak and I had the hardest time getting over it. Looking back on it now, I really regret the months that I spent crying and hating myself because of it. I deserved better than that, I just didn’t know it at the…

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